Shooting near polling sites in Los Angeles County kills at least 1, wounds 3 others


Gunfire near a polling site in Los Angeles County killed at least one person and injured three others in Azusa, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

SWAT officers were looking for at least one suspect after officers exchanged gunfire near the suburban city’s Memorial Park, according to Azusa police. Police locked down schools and polling places close to the scene of the 2 p.m. shooting.

"This is a very volatile and critical situation,” Azusa police Officer Jerry Willison told the Los Angeles Times.

Officers were working to capture at least one heavily armed gunman after the shooting, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Scroggin told the newspaper.

Police in Azusa, Calif., said they were searching for at least one heavily armed gunman Tuesday afternoon after a shooting near a polling site. A twitter user shared this photo from the scene.

Officers found themselves under gunfire and pinned down shortly after arriving at a scene of reported gunfire, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported. None of the police officers pinned down at the initial seen were hurt, police said.

Dean Logan, the L.A. County registrar and recorder, said the shooting affected two voting sites.

"Voters should avoid the area and, if necessary, cast a ballot at an alternate polling location," Logan tweeted.

Footage from the scene showed a largescale emergency response in the city outside Los Angeles. It was unclear whether any police officers were wounded.

Deputies were investigating the shooting alongside Azusa police, the sheriff’s office announced on Twitter. Azusa police advised residents to shelter in place.

"Critical Incident: Please stay out of the area of Fourth St & Orange Ave," the Azusa Police Department tweeted.

Police said officers arrived near Memorial Park at 2:02 p.m. to find several shooting victims. They came under fire and shot back, police said.

Police locked down nearby poling sites as they worked to capture the gunman.

One person died, two victims were hospitalized and one other person was down near a home, according to local cops.

Three cars could be seen on top of a curb in the apparent aftermath of a crash in footage from the scene. A helicopter broadcaster for KCAL-TV told viewers the TV station’s cameras had been turned away from puddles of blood on the ground.

Azusa sits at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains roughly 25 miles east of the city of Los Angeles, An area resident tweeted pictures of SWAT vehicles and helicopters at the scene.

#BREAKING Azusa, multiple people shot (reports up to 5) in a neighborhood near Orange Ave and 4th street.

— Tara Finestone (@tarawallis) November 8, 2016

"There’s an active shooter in my city and at my old middle school," he said.

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