Murdered schoolgirl Becky Watts’ memorial set on fire – year after stepbrother and girlfriend jailed for her death


Vandals have set fire to a memorial for murdered schoolgirl Becky Watts a year after her stepbrother and his girlfriend were jailed for her death.

Youngsters singed a painted mural in a Bristol park close to where the tragic 16-year-old lived and a group of children were caught on camera running away.

Local people have taken to Facebook to report the attack which has been described as mindless and completely lacking in respect.

One said: "Absolute b***** pricks. No respect for anyone."

Another posted: "Scum. No respect."

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon and was reported to the police.

Avon and Somerset Police said they could not confirm if they are investigating the crime or not.

Becky was murdered in her own home 18 months ago by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews who is now serving life for her murder.

His girlfriend Shauna Hoare was jailed for 17 years for manslaughter for helping him dispose of her dismembered body.

Last week it was revealed that Hoare was so heavily beaten up in prison she has had to be resuscitated twice.

Hoare, 22, has been repeatedly assaulted after becoming a target for other lags, a close friend revealed.

The pal said: “Shauna has been so badly beaten up she has needed to be resuscitated twice.

“She says the best she can do is take it day by day.”

The friend continued: “She sees her jail ordeal as punishment for ever getting involved with Nathan in the first place.

“She really has to watch her back from what she tells me and just does everything she can to avoid dangerous inmates. Shauna is having a terrible time.”

Meanwhile, Becky’s devastated father says he and his wife are existing "day to day" and filled with hate towards his daughter’s killers nearly a year after they were found guilty.

Darren Galsworthy, has told of the devastating effect the murder has had on his family, saying their suffering will never end.

Mr Galsworthy, whose new book, The Evil Within, is released this week, told the Bristol Post "there is nothing left" for him since Becky was brutally killed and dismembered.

Darren and Matthews’ mother, Anjie Galsworthy, still share the home in St George, Bristol, where Becky was killed in February 2015.

It has become a prison where there is no hope of his personal torment coming to an end.

Mr Galsworthy said: "I am a husk of a man, there is nothing left for me. This has completely destroyed the family. Those two have left us with nothing, absolutely nothing.

"There are some days when what happened doesn’t cross my mind and then all the emotions come flooding back. I feel nothing but hatred for the pair of them.

"They took everything from us and I am still angry about what happened. We are just existing from day to day."

He believes the stress and trauma of the murder and the realisation she had been killed by Matthews has had a drastic effect on his wife’s already fragile health.

Anjie has suffered from multiple sclerosis since before Becky’s horrific death but she is now almost completely housebound.

They recently went on holiday to Tenerife in a bid to try and get away from the hurt and sense of betrayal that fills their thoughts on a daily basis.

Darren said: "The holiday made me realise just how quickly Anjie’s health had declined, she has gone downhill. It was a really difficult holiday for me and it made me realise that we would never be able to go away together again. It was our last holiday together.

"Anjie’s condition has declined really rapidly since the trial, it feels like they have taken everything from us."

The Galsworthys are still searching for answers but there is no sign of Matthews, 29, coming clean about the real motives behind the sadistic murder which saw Becky murdered in her own home, bundled into the back of his car and then her body mutilated and hacked into pieces.

During the trial Matthews claimed he wanted to teach Becky a lesson because he was upset by the way the youngster was treating her stepmother.

Darren said: "I don’t want anything to do with him and I don’t trust myself to meet him. Anjie wants to hear from him but I don’t think that will ever happen.

"She wants explanations but she is going downhill very fast and I don’t think it will ever happen.

"I never believed anything he said in the trial, it was all a load of crap. I think both of them are evil, he has never shown any emotion or remorse.

"I beat myself up every day because I didn’t realise what both of them were really like, they are evil."

To add to Mr Galsworthy’s agony he still believes Hoare’s prison sentence was far too lenient.

Hoare, who was cleared of murder, was in the house at the time of Becky’s murder but the extent of the 22-year-old’s involvement in the teen’s death has never been made clear.

Mr Galsworthy says he’s angry Hoare will be out of prison by the time she’s 30

Both were also convicted of conspiracy to kidnap Becky, perverting the course of justice, preventing a lawful burial by dismembering and hiding her body, and possession of two stun guns.

Mr Galsworthy said: "I am still angry about Shauna’s sentence and the fact she will be out of prison by the time she is 30.

Becky Watts’ twisted murderer stepbrother and his vile lover lose appeal bid over convictions for killing teen

"The fact is Becky’s family has been given a life sentence while she will be able to get on with the rest of her life.

"I am fed up reading about them in prison, it winds me up. I wish the pair of them would just kill themselves."