Friday, May 26, 2017

iStockNow tells you which Apple Stores have AirPods in stock right now

One of the best things about Apple’s retail strategy is that when it comes to inventory, they don’t ignore their brick-and-morter stores like some...

Comcast adds voice-controlled lighting to its Xfinity connected home offering

Comcast isn’t a name that gets tossed around much when people talk about connected home automation plays from the likes of Apple, Amazon and...

Use Google Home’s voice controls to play Netflix

Google wants its Home speaker and virtual assistant to make you forget about Alexa. To do so, the device will need to add a...

Now TV Smart Box review: A scrappy blend of on-demand and live TV

Now TV is pivotal to Sky's future success. More people than ever before are eschewing big, expensive TV packages for lighter, on-demand alternatives such...

Scientists copy climate change data in fear of a Trump crackdown

Donald Trump's incoming presidency won't be kind to climate change science, and that's making both scientists and government divisions nervous -- to the point...

Google begins releasing its secret FBI subpoenas

Back in October, Google stated that the FBI lifted a gag order, allowing them to officially disclose they'd been served one National Security Letter...

This is what Christmas dinner at Hogwarts looks like

imgurLondon artist Destiny Blue documented her visit to Hogwarts. LONDON — You can't get much more magical than eating Christmas dinner in Hogwarts' Great...

Feds investigate police body cam footage in New Mexico

The US Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into claims that the Albuquerque Police Department edited and deleted footage from officers' body...

Obama’s got a new cybersecurity plan, but what’s the point?

There's been a lot of hot air blown across headlines this week about the big cybersecurity plan proposed by the White House's Commission on...

Libraries become new domestic terrorism target in Trump wave of hate crimes

Authorities say in recent weeks there has been an unprecedented wave of hate crimes targeting library buildings, books, and the people who read them....

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FBI investigating Kushner meetings, report says; House leader seeks more Comey documents

(Andrew Harrer / Getty Images) The chairman of the House oversight committee asked the FBI on Thursday to turn over more documents about former...

Ice Cube Talks His New Deal With Interscope Records

Nearly 27 years after leaving N.W.A to pursue a solo career in music — and more recently in films — Ice Cube has signed...

Twelfth Night review – Emma Rice’s Highland fling brings that sinking feeling

The peremptory treatment of Emma Rice by the Globe’s board has turned her brief tenure as artistic director into a campaigning issue that provokes...

"We've yet to have a national conversation about what the right response should be to root out this deadly cancer that inflicts us all."

Andrew Neil on the Manchester attack. (Via BBC Politics)
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Terrorism expert Professor Richard English says society must remain calm and avoid overreacting in the face of terror threats.

(via BBC Newsnight)
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"Get the hell out of here!"

A Guardian reporter recorded the moment he was allegedly assaulted by a Republican candidate in the US.
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